In times where morals are in constant retreat, environmental damage is part of daily life and the future of our children is becoming less and less secure, we want to act responsibly for our children and treat our fellow citizens with respect. How? By working with the principle of mutual reciprocity. Our economically sustainable farming does not take more from nature than it returns to our environment. Destroying nature and disregarding ethic values deny us and the generations to come development opportunities.

The sustainability of society is based on a holistic way of thinking by which anything has an effect on everything simultaneously. According to that, we understand ourselves as a part of nature, a part of society in its entirety, working responsibly and honestly with one another for our collective interest.

Ecological agriculture: growth without damage
We forgo the utilization of chemical fertilizer and other sprays in favor of quality and sustainability. Our organic farming produces high quality products and advances the fertility of the soil. The soil secures a process of organic diversity and attempts, as far as still possible, to restore a balance in nature.

However, that is not enough for us. We practice bio-dynamic agriculture, because it understands nature as part of the universe attempting to utilize cosmic powers. Hereby our concern is the reproduction of humus soil, the growth of healthy, robust plants, the production of high quality products and creating fair and trustworthy relationships between producers, processers, middle men and consumers.

Underestimation of the foods
Nutrition, health and the well being of human beings are inextricably linked to one another. Nutrition caters for far more functions than merely nutrient supply. Its function is to satisfy human’s needs entirely and advance their physical and mental development. But edible plants today do no longer contain the “forces”, physical and spiritual , which they are supposed to provide to human beings. Additionally the depreciation of foods, e.g: by processing them chemically and heating them up highly, is representative for another loss in effective nutrition.

We, as planters and processers, make an effort to reliably and conscientiously grow healthy foods, process them in natural manners and market the products responsibly.
The end product is supposed to be a gently processed bio-dynamic good with highly maintained value.
We chose the name ATRAPOS - the impedimentary path - because we know that achieving our aims means a constant struggle, struggle with modern temptations leading nature as well as people’s relationships and ethics into a dead end.
We have decided to walk this stony path thus we are convinced that only this path can lead us to a better future.